Who We Are?
The Story of Metkix
...With Metkix, Easy Cleaning for Easy Living.

We know that we change over time and our needs change accordingly. Being aware of this, our company aims to provide useful and the highest quality products to all people. Fast and practical solutions are always our saviors in a life with pets, children, and hustle and bustle. Products that provide these solutions are among our indispensable products.

Here we are, we aim to create a product that will meet your needs in the fastest way possible, offer you a practical solution, make your life easier, become indispensable, and fall in love with.

We asked ourselves how we can do it?

We thought that we could actually use the time we spent on cleaning to spend more time with our loved ones.

And yes, we chose the Lint Rollers for helping correctly to people.

In this way, you can quickly and easily complete your cleaning in a short time and spend a more wonderful time with your loved ones without worrying about hairs, lints, crumbs and many other things…

We Move Forward with Your Views
Because your satisfaction is the only thing that will please us too.

To better understand people’s needs in this area, we have considered all their opinions. We have made it our priority to continuously improve our products to have the highest quality lint rollers, in line with the opinions of our customers. And we still continue to do so.
We read and analyze thousands of written product reviews and continue to develop products for changing needs. We will always.

At Metkix, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality lint rollers in the world at a fair cost.
We are proud of what we are producing with; fair cost, environmentally friendly, innovative. And much more… We are extremely confident that you will fall in love with our lint rollers with all the features we have.

…With Metkix, Easy Cleaning for Easy Living.

Why Metkix?
Let's take a look together.
Lifetime warranty

We will be provided a lifetime our best in case.

Our priority is customer satisfaction

We always care about your opinions and listen to you.

Continuous development to be innovative.

We will be provided a lifetime our best in case.

5 star product reviews on amazon.com

Were written by satisfied customers. Thanks a lot to you all!

Easy cleaning for easy living

Extra sticky, easy to use and also available in large size.

Details designed for you

You deserve more durable and improved products.

We are here at a fair cost

Every feature you need, at the best price.

Works on many surfaces

We have so many uses! If you're wondering, just click here.

And of course... We are full of love!

Spend more time with your pets, kids, and all loved ones! Because we produce all Metkix Lint Rollers for this.