Without Worry About Pet Hair,

Spend More Time With Your Pets.

With the Best Pet Hair Remover Metkix, you’ll never need another gadget!

We love you & your pets, always!

Sticky & Effective.

For pet parents, pet hair is a fact of life and
they always search a solution for it.
Metkix Lint Rollers make it quick and easy to
remove pet hair whenever you need.


With Protective Cover
and Extra Strong
Side Grips!.

When you need a quick and easy solution
to remove pet hair from large surfaces,
we recommend the Metkix Extra-Large
Lint Roller with a width of 6.30 inch.


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Units were sold in USA
into just 12 months


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Works On
Many Surfaces.

Metkix Lint Rollers offer more than meets the eye. Are they not just used to remove pet hair and lints?
Of course not. You will be surprised how many different places you can clean with the Metkix Lint Roller.
Moreover, it is easy to do with its extra stickiness!

Clean Large Areas
Like Furnitures

Quickly Clean
Your Carpet

Small Areas That Are
Difficult to Clean

Clean Up
Broken Glass

Why You’ll Love Us.


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