Different Way To Use

Works On
Many Surfaces..

Discover Metkix Lint Rollers’ different uses!
Metkix Lint Roller is lightweight. Metkix Lint Roller is sticky. You always have one handy.
It makes quick work of picking up life’s tiny messes when you don’t want to use the vacuum.

Metkix Lint Rollers offer more than meets the eye. Are they not just used to remove lint and pet hair?
Of course not. You’d be surprised by how much cleaning will be done with Metkix Lint Roller. With lint rollers’ different uses,
find out many different ways to use them from different surface cleaning to life hacks!

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Clean Large Areas Like Furnitures

Quickly CleanYour Carpet

Small Areas That AreDifficult to Clean

Clean UpBroken Glass

CleanAll Bags

Insidethe Car

CleanOut Drawers

Clean Baby Areas(Stroller, Car Seat, High Chair)


Remove Dandrufffrom Clothes

ChristmasTree Clean-Up

CleanYour Pool Table

In YourSewing Room

PostHaircut Clean-Up

Dispose of Bugsand Spider Webs

Prep YourPaint Roller

DustingStuffed Animals

SmallDIY Messes

Over YourStereo Speakers