Our Supersize Refills are designed for just Metkix Lint Rollers. Each supersize roll contains 60 easy-tear sheets for a total of 120 sheets in one VALUABLE PACK. The economical combination provides great value. It works on both cushioned and hard surfaces.
It makes quick work of picking up all tiny messes when you don’t want to use the vacuum.

Product Description

METKIX IS YOUR HOME ASSISTANT: Use it to either pick up any shards or dirt from spaces that a vacuum cleaner can never reach. Extra sticky large refill is extremely easy and effective for all surfaces; clothes, furniture, sofa, carpet, bed sheets, curtains, hardwood floors, etc
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EXTRA LARGE DESIGN: Metkix Supersize Refill is the best for large surfaces with a width of 6.30 inches.

EXTRA STICKY & EFFECTIVE: The improved extra sticky surface of the Metkix extra sticky Large Refill is quite effective. Thus its picking up any loose fuzz, fur, lint, dust, debris, dirt, crumbs, or glass pieces specks that come its way. You will not have to go over the same spot again and again.

EASY PEEL OF: Thanks to large refill’s diagonally cut paper and removable sheet, Metkix Supersize Roll is easy to peel off.

REFILLABLE: Pets never stop shedding and lint, dust, dirt should always be cleaned. High-quality Metkix Supersize Lint Roller is always ready for cleaning, with refillable rolls.

SPECIAL DESIGN FOR METKIX: Inner widths of our refills are produced in special dimensions only for Metkix Supersize Lint Rollers. Thanks to the improved extra strong side grips, you will not have any difficulty in using them. The roll won’t fall off, side grips won’t break while you insert the roll.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: We strongly believe that our lint roller is more durable and improved than other lint rollers for pet hair and lints. Even though we believe that customer satisfaction is always our priority. Therefore, you will be provided a lifetime warranty in case you are not satisfied with the Metkix Supersize Lint Roller.