Our Pets and Cleaning

Our Pets and Cleaning

Cleaning is usually the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to pet care. Cleaning routines for cats and dogs are different, and both have considerations to consider.


For a healthy union, the first thing you need to do is give your dog toilet training. Depending on the breed and size of your dog, the toilet can sometimes be a designated area of the house, sometimes outside the House. If your dog does his toilet outside, you should take your Patil friend out twice a day.


Cleaning is not limited to the toilet, of course, when you return home from outside, you can clean the paws with a wet cloth, wash your dog for certain periods, both maintaining its health and making it look more well-groomed.

As for the toilet for cats, the situation is a little different. Cats make their toilets in the sand in boxes specially designed for them. It is enough to fill a cat toilet that you choose according to the size of your cat with some sand and show your cat the location of the toilet. Cleaning the sand frequently and replacing the sand completely with certain periods allows your cat to continue its life in a clean and healthy way.


Apart from all this, clean the pet hairs that our lovely friends leave on our house, clothes, beds or sofas with extra sticky “Metkix Lint Rollers”! Also extra sticky “Supersize Metkix Lint Rollers” are easily and quickly clean your home. With Metkix Lint Rollers, which you can find 24/7 on Amazon, you can remove the pet hair left by our closest friends.