4 Uses for Your Lint Roller

4 Uses for Your Lint Roller

You probably already have a lint roller in your bathroom, linen closet, or car. The original intention behind this product was to remove pet fur and lint from clothing, but it can but used for so much more! Here are some clever cleaning hacks to try with yours:

The Fabric of Our Lives

Lint rollers can be used to remove dust from all kinds of fabric. Fabric speakers, curtains, and even lamp shades can be cleaned gently with a lint roller. No need to bring out the noisy vacuum cleaner to remove particles, simply use your lint roller.

Crafty Clean-Up

If you’re into arts and crafts, include a lint roller in your kit. Rollers can pick up glitter, small fabric pieces, and tiny scraps of paper. No more struggling with rags, and again, that vacuum cleaner!

Rolling Down the Road

A lint roller is a must for the inside of your car. Tiny crumbs can attract pests that spread germs throughout your vehicle. Use a lint roller to clean up small bits of crumbs and salt from those delicious french fries.

Reduce your Carbon Paw Print

If you have a dog or cat, you know how important lint rollers can be for removing fur. Did you know you can also use it to remove hair from the pet itself?

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